VoIP lines for traditional telephone systems


How do VoIP lines work

Vocaltels VoIP lines replace existing analogue and digital lines by the the installation of a very small device called a VoIP gateway. The VoIP gateway has an internet connection on one side and analogue or digital connections (lines) on the other side and these "lines" simply replace the existing lines on your current PBX system. Incoming calls to your main number are diverted to a dummy number on our network and sent to the gateway at your premises then onto to your PBX. Outbound calls from your PBX go to the gateway and then out to our network for termination through a number of different carriers. All calls in and out of your PBX behave just as if you were still using traditional analogue or digital lines.

Benefits of VoIP lines

Vocaltels VoIP lines offer greatly reduced line rental and reduced call charges as well as offering the ability to have telephone numbers from any UK area code, 03 non geographic numbers and numbers from almost any country in the world.

In addition to these obvious benefits Vocaltel VoIP lines can also provide GDPR compliant call recording and disaster recovery services on your existing numbers.


Gateway installation: £25 (up to 4 lines per gateway)

VoIP line rental: £7.00 per month per line

Call charges:

UK fixed line £0.005 per minute

UK mobile* £0.001 per minute

International £ available on request

* main mobile networks