At last an affordable fully integrated Customer Relationship Management system


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Vocaltel Centrx5 VoIP PBX now supports screen pop ups and click to dial using ZoHo CRM

Businesses now have access to an affordable and easy to use fully integrated CRM system using the Vocaltel Centrex5 VoIP PBX together with the ZoHo cloud based CRM system.

ZoHo CRM is a full feature cloud based customer relationship management system that, when used with the Centrex5 VoIP PBX, provides full computer telephony integration both in terms of informative screen pop ups, inbound & outbound journal entries and click to dial via a standard desktop handset. ZoHo together with Centrex5 provides a complete fully integrated customer relationship management system that can give your business everything it needs to track and boost sales.

Sample screenshot 1
Example of contact call activity
Incoming call
Example of screen pop up on incoming call
Example of activities scree
Outgoing call
Example of outgoing call to contact