The Biggest change in UK telecoms history is coming


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Is your business preparing for the biggest ever change to telecoms in the UK ?

The vast majority of UK businesses are unaware that BT Openreach have now officially set the date for switching off the UK telephone network as we know it. The final switch off will be in 2025 which may seem a long way off but given that well over 15 million lines will need to be moved to a replacement service by this time it really isn’t meaning that preparations to secure your telecoms services need to be made as far in advance as possible.

From 2022 BT Openreach will no longer accept orders for new copper lines and in 2025 all traditional telephony services will be finally switched off. As part of the switch off process customers will be need to move their existing telephony services away from traditional copper lines and onto an Internet based telephony service before the switch off date.

To find out what this may mean for your business please visit or questions and answers page at switch off, questions?