Call recording compliance and security


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Centrex5 from Vocaltel now supports consent based call recording and digitally singed recording files

Centrex 5 customers can now take further steps to comply with GDPR requirements regarding call recording. Inbound callers can be asked to consent to call recording or to decline call recording before the call is answered, if the caller gives consent the call is recorded and stored in compliance with GDPR requirements; if recording consent is witheld all recording functionality ( including one touch recording ) is disabled for the duration of the call and no recording can take place. Hard coded information showing the customers action in giving or withholding consent can be provided via the Centrex5 API function if required.

Although not required under GDPR Centrex5 also now generates highly secure digitally signed call recordings as standard thereby enabling the integrity of recordings to be established and removing any concerns surrounding the validity of individual recordings.