VoIP telephony goes green


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Re-use, Recycle and save money. Vocaltels new Go Green initiative allows customers to both save money and take the greener option by choosing to use free refurbished VoIP handsets......

As part of our Go Green initiative Vocaltel now offer customers free refurbished high end desktop featurephones from companies such as Polycom, Snom and Yealink in addition to the standard range of new VoIP handsets.

It is a much overlooked fact that almost all of the intelligence in modern telephone systems is built into the system itself rather than the handset, in fact the handsets main functions are simply to convert speech into VoIP, display call information and provide programmable keys to access system functions, things that any good quality handset manufactured within the past 5 years will do perfectly well. At vocaltel we offer a choice, customers can choose new handsets as offered by most other companies or they can take the greener option and choose free refurbished handsets and in doing so help to reduce the use of plastics and packaging associated with the manufacture of new handsets whilst at the same time making considerable savings.